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About MMT and its Founder

MMT has been providing high quality integrated geological/structural/alteration and mineralisation interpretation modelling services to the mining industry for more than 10 years (Technically developed and implemented by geologist Essam Wahdan).

Eassam (Sam) Whadan

  • Over 20 years of Exploration experience in Mineral, Oil and Gas industries (Australia and Overseas).
  • Developed and adapted MMT (Multi Modelling Technique) for Gold and Mineral exploration.
  • Principal WGC (Australia) since 1992.
  • Director, Co-founder of Shear Geological Services (Australia Operation) since 2004.


  • BSC Geology (ASU, Cairo, Egypt)
  • MSC Structure Geology (ASU, Cairo, Egypt)
  • USGS Certification (Texas, USA)
  • ADT Engineering (London, UK)
  • Formation Evaluation OCG - Core Analysis (UK)
  • Strategic Management Skills development (Scotland, UK)

          Essam (Sam) worked as an exploration geologist for more than 20 years.

  • Employed by 'Baroid/Sperry Sun International' (overseas operations) as a Geologist, Applied drilling technology (ADT) engineer, Area supervisor, Regional Geologist and Engineer in the Gulf area (Middle East), Manager East Mediterranean operations. Worked for BP, ELF, ENRON, SPC, AFPC, KOC, TEXACO.
  • Worked as a private consultant for Haliburton Australia. Contracted to BHP, MMC, and AMOCO.
  • Employed by St. Barbara Mines as a Geologist - Senior Geologist in Meekathara (Bluebird, Reedys and Cue operations)
  • Principle (WGC) worked for
    • Anglogold (Sunrise Dam Project) world class deposit.
    • Goldefields - St. Ives (Kambalda) and assigned to TARGET GENERATION TEAM.
  • Director (co-founder) Shear Geological Services (Australia) and worked for
    • Goldstar Resources, WA operation (Mill Rose Deposit), then assigned to Victoria operation (Walhalla Project).
    • Tropicana Project (Anglogold Ashanti Australia).

Sam has published and presented technical papers on

  • Relation between major Tectonic features and formation Pore Pressure/ Fracture Pressure in the Gulf area (NL Baroid Overseas).
  • Relationship between salt formation and high pore pressure in the Gulf area (NL Baroid Overseas).
  • Gold deposits in the Bluebird Project (Geology of Australia and Papua New Guinean Mineral Deposits - 1997)
  • Strategic management skills development (Scotland, UK).




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