Why Mutiple Modelling Technique (MMT)

Our strength lies in our proven ability to deliver a 2D/3D model as a tool for target generation through the interpretation and integration of a wide range of geological, structural and geochemical data for prospect evaluation.

MMT has been providing high quality integrated geological/structural/alteration and mineralisation interpretation modelling services to the mining industry for more than 10 years (Technically developed and implemented by geologist Essam Wahdan)

MMT Objectives

  • 1.Construct well constrained geological/structural section at or near target areas as a base.2.
  • Mapping of various alteration assemblages (Proximal/Intermediate/Distal).
  • 3.Distinguish between hydrothermal and non-hydrothermal alteration.
  • 4.Construct (if possible) fluid pathways (plumbing system) footprints.
  • Decide how many fluid generations were involved (if exist).
  • Where is Au mineralization in relation to the various alteration assemblages.
  • Understand the controls on deposit.
  • Enhance the ability of exploration geologist to predict occurrences of favourable Au mineralisation areas and generate targets for both near surface exploration and deep underground mining developments.
Structural Control
Type of strain
Major Corridors
Competency Contrast
Ductile-Brittle Style
  Alteration Mineral Assemblage
Fluid Mixing Concepts
No. of Fluid stages
Fluid Behaviour
  2/3D Visualisation and Interpretation
Conceptual Targets


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